Services You Get From Us

Attractive, clean, and well-finished product photos can get you more customers. And we the team of Image Retouching Lab know the right way to do it for you. By working with us, you will save time, can spend less and sell more. Check out our professional photo editing services.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is a way of removing a particular shape from a photo to bring a better look. But this single line cannot explain the whole work of clipping path. Before getting a service you must know in detail about it. And we are very much clear from our side about what you will get from us and how we do our service. 

Image Masking Service

Actually, this is an alternative of Adobe Photoshop Clipping path service. But it is only used when photo clipping service is not enough to cut out any subject perfectly. We can say that clipping path is the basic clip out process which is applied to some subjects which have round edges or not have too many branches. 

Shadow Creation Service

As general, shadow exits when a photo is captured. But not all time that shadow makes the product look beautiful. So, it needs to edit to give the image perfection or add a natural-looking shadow to make the image genuine and more attractive. We create shadows based on the images and the subject requirements.

Color Correction Service

Color correction, alternatively known as grading, is an image editing technique where professional image editors change the color of the photos to make it perfect. IF you have an e-commerce site, your product photos might need a vivid color environment to appeal more attractive to the customers.

Neck Join Service

Neck Joint Service is applied to enhance the attractiveness of images of garment products, clothing photography, fashion photography, jewelry products etc. This service is mainly used for increasing the product photo quality. This service also includes removing the model’s body and make a unique best looking product image .

Transparent background Service

Removing background helps to focus on the important parts of the image. Transparent Background is helpful for replacing background especially in e-commerce website to give it a standard and attractive look. It also makes it easier to resize and location the products in an identical way to give it a nice and clean look.

Multi Clipping Path Service

Multiple Clipping Path is another type of clipping path where we use multiple paths to edit an image. Mainly this service is for saving time for the retouching editor team.

In this service, we separate the products or elements in an image and arrange it properly. Jewelry, clothes, shoe, etc.

Model retouching Service

Not all of your captured photos come out with perfect looking. To give it the perfection our Professional Photo retouching services will be the enough to bring your satisfaction. Whether you are a photographer or a general people who love to take a picture a lot, then you need this professional photo retouching service to represent a clean and polished photo. 

Reflection /mirror effect Service

The mirror effect and reflection shadow creates the illusion that the product featured in your image. Shadow has four type, they are- drop shadow, soft shadow, Reflection shadow and original shadow. These shadows add a new dimension to your image. The drop shadow and reflection shadow tasks for Advertising printers, press companies, publisher.